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CACTC Guidance & Support
• CACTC guidance counselors are assigned to specific programs which gives them a deep understanding of the programs course requirements. Guidance counselors also remain with students for the duration of their CACTC experience which enables them to assist the students in career planning beyond high school.

• All Cranston Area Career and Technical Center students complete an Individual Learning Plan with advisory teachers, complete community service, and develop a working portfolio upon graduation.

• All Cranston Area Career and Technical Center students have access to four Career and Tech guidance counselors, and appropriate support services as defined by State and district requirements.

• A school to career coordinator works specifically with CACTC students to help secure internships, prepare for interviews and transition after graduation.

• There is an Academic Support Instructor housed in the CACTC building who works specifically with Career and Technical students and teachers. If you need assistance in a specific class please contact your guidance counselor and set up a meeting.

Interested about one of our programs? Email one of the counselors for more information.

Counselor Programs
Mrs. Velino Pre Engineering Robotics
Mrs. Ciccone Drafting, Child Development, Interactive Digital Media
Mrs. D’Almeida Construction, Culinary Arts, Entrepreneurship, Cisco
Mrs. Clark Medical Pathways, Aquaculture, Graphic Communications



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