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Rhode Island Social Studies Standards
General History

Anthro.Net Flags and Maps of the World National Geographic
Anthropology Web Sites Find Law
First Amendment Center
outline maps
Best History Site Geography sites Psychology
Calendar Studies
Calendars Through The Ages
Calendar Zone
Historical Ecclesiastical Calendar
Historical data 1790-1970 Revolution
History Central Index State Department Geography Site
History Channel Supreme Court Collection
History Net Time Capsules
IRS United Nations
CIA World Fact Book Justice Learning Virtual Museums
Costume History Legacy Project VL- History - Lots of links
Encyclopedia Mythica

World History

Africa - South of the Sahara Homework Center- Explorers Library of Congress Country Studies
Ancient City of Athens Holocaust:
The Rise of Hitler
The Nuremberg Race Laws
Holocaust Era Issues
Cybrary of the Holocaust
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Medieval Technology Page
Ancient Greece
Resources for Medieval Studies
Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations
Roman Emperors
Ancient World Civilizations Victorian Web
Aztecs, Incas, Mayans

Internet Modern History Sourcebook - Imperialism
Imperialism Resources

US Census Bureau - Trade Balances by Country


Our Government Documents
Culture Site  
Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Mr. Lee's Classes:
Shang Dynasty
Visual Sourcebook - Chinese Civilization
Ritual Vessels

Talk Origins Archive
Maps Locating Fossil Hominids from China
SARC Stone age Reference Collection
National Geographic

United States History
20th Century Chronology
Impressions of America- Explorers
Woman Suffrage and the 19th Amendment
50 States and Capitals
Poetry and Music of the War Between the States Women’s Suffrage
American Memory
Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies
World of Early America
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services Presidential Election History from 1789-1992 Ellis Island
The American President Presidential Election History
Our Documents
Color Landform Atlas of US
Rhode Island Government
FirstGov - US Government Portal
Congress Link
US Civil War Center FDR Cartoon Archive
Federal Statistics US Government Gateway to Information
Historical data 1790-1970
Government Information National Archives and Records Administration

Political Cartoons

Mrs. Byrd
Women's Studies
Women's History Resources

Money Central