Grade 4


Mrs. D. Motta ELL A-12
Mrs. R. Florio       B-6
Mrs. C. Costa & Ms. J. Mulvey B-7
Mrs. C. Rivard       B-8

Welcome to grade four! 

Our primary goal in fourth grade is to provide the tools for our students to become independent and responsible thinkers and lifelong learners.


Literacy/Language Arts/Writing

Literacy: Each Unit of Instruction in Reading Street consists of a variety of stories, vocabulary, and skills practice. Leveled readers are used by students to reinforce vocabulary and skills on a weekly basis.

Langauage Arts: Spelling and Grammar instruction supports our student’s application of writing in grade four.

Writing: After completing a Unit of instruction, students create a writing piece in class.  Students use the Writing process to complete their writing: Brainstorming, Prewriting, Editing, Revised Draft, and Publishing. Student writing also focuses on the 6 Traits of Writing.


The fourth grade GLEs
(Grade Level Expectations) will be focusing on:
Numbers and Operations
Geometry and Measurement
Data, Statistics, and Probability
Functions and Algebra

Problem Solving- We will also be focusing on the nine problem solving strategies.

Fastt Math- Students will be practicing their mulitiplication tables using our classroom computers.


Our four units will be:
Classifying Living Things
Electricity and Magnetism
Properties of Matter
Weather and Climate

We also travel to the Audubon Society in Bristol to explore the Habitats Program in the fall!

Social Studies

Our units cover the Regions of the United States : Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Middle West, and West.

Students will be learning about the environments, culture, and people of the Regions.  Students will also be learning the states and capitals of each region.

We begin our Social Studies Unit with a review of basic geography and map skills.

 Homework in Grade 4 

At Gladstone, students are fortunate to have a daily planner provided for them.  This planner is where students record their homework each night and is a way to keep organized in grade four.  Parents/Guardian are asked to check their child’s planner each night and sign it on each school day. 

Homework is a reinforcement tool that reviews skills and concepts students learn during the school day. Students have homework each school night and are responsible for completing his/her homework each night.  Students all need additional time each day to review material for quizzes and tests. Daily reading at home for 20-30 minutes is also recommended for the strengthening of reading skills and comprehension. 

If you would like some additional information (to download) on the

Fourth Grade GLEs and GSEs