Establish meaningful relationships with adults at school.

Feel safe in their environment.

Develop skills for academic success (e.g. decision-making, problem solving).

Recognize barriers to learning and what can be done to remove them.

Recognize appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.

Become aware of the relation of school to work.

Develop personal/social skills (e.g. communication, conflict resolution, self-reflection).

Understand and accept themselves and others better.


We Provide:


Individual sessions.

Small group activates.


Relevant to the student’s developmental levels and needs.

For all students in classroom settings.


Meetings between home and school.

School-wide programs


As a team member at school

As a liaison between home and school.

When Might My Child see The Counselor?

When a class has a guidance lesion.

When parents or teachers request services.

When the counselor invites a student to  a group.

When a student needs individual attention.

Throughout the school day.

Elementary School Counselors Help Students With…
Academic Standards:
Acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning in school and throughout life.
Be academically prepared to pursuer school and work oork and life.
Career Standards:ptions following graduation.
Understand the relation of school success in w
Be aware of the relation of school and work and how to make informed decisions.
Developed a positive attitude toward work and learning by identifying requirements for future success.
Understand the relationship between personal qualities and success at school and work.
Personal/Social Standards:
Understand and respect oneself and others.
Learn hot to set goals and plan for one’s future.
Develop safety and survival skills.