Community Workshops for Cranston Schools of the Future

Parent/Community Announcement

“Community Workshops to Envision the Cranston Schools of the Future”

The Cranston East Briggs Building is turning 100 years old next year. It is the oldest school building in Cranston, and one of the oldest in the state. While we celebrate the historical significance of that, we also must realize that it was designed for students, teachers and parents of a long ago era. Even with all of the various remodeling and re-usage of space, it is still very antiquated and does not truly support a 21st Century educational environment.

To address this need the Cranston Public School District is excited to announce our partnership with Fielding Nair International (FNI, a world renowned firm of Architects and Educators to begin a landmark review of our school district. Our goal is to devise a District-wide Five -Year Educational Innovation Facilities Master Plan to not only update and refine the data collected by the RIDE statewide facility study, but to transform the educational model at each school to better support our children to be successful in the 21st century. This new model will provide for a variety of learning modalities, as well as an enhanced collaborative atmosphere, at each school.

The first part of this plan is to explore each of our schools through a process of workshops and focus groups designed to identify the trends and attitudes towards education in our community.  Our purpose is to envision the possibilities and capacity of our schools in the future in order to meet the needs of our students.  It is essential for all members of the Cranston School community to participate in these workshops. Participants will include our District Leadership, our teachers, you the parents and your children.

This email contains a link to the Community Workshop sign-up form.  We are asking folks to pre-register so we can get a headcount for food (a light meal is being provided) and daycare needs. We encourage you to come out with your children on the designated evening to participate and learn how a 21st-century primary, middle and high school will look. FNI has been transforming the language of school design for 15-years now and will show you examples of their work in schools all over the United States and Canada as well as new schools in Europe, Asia, and  the Middle East. (See “School 2.0 – Designing Tomorrow’s Schools

Through your participation, you will be instrumental in creating this new vision! These community meetings will also include district leadership, School leadership, and your teachers. We sincerely hope you and your children can participate and take part in forming a vision for how to transform our schools.


Cranston School Superintendent

Jeannine Nota-Masse

Envisioning CPS Community Workshop Schedule


The schedule for the FNI/CPS Community Workshops is below. The meetings will begin at 6. The Elementary schools are being grouped into 4 groups of 4 schools each with the evening meetings for those groups at one of the high schools.


All meetings are scheduled from 6-8 in the schools’ Library/Media Centers. We ask that participants sign up via the google form attached to the parent email, or by calling the school (we need to get a head count for food and daycare needs).


3/5 Cranston High School East

3/6 Stadium, Gladstone, Arlington, Peters community workshop at East

3/26 Cranston High School West

3/27 Eden Park, Waterman, Garden City, Woodridge community workshop at West

4/23 Bain

4/24 Edgewood, Rhodes, Barrows, Dutemple community workshop at East

5/7 Parkview

5/8 Orchard Farms, Glen Hills, Stone Hill, Oaklawn community workshop at West

5/21 Western Hills

5/22 Hope Highlands



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