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Seven Wonders Newsletter

January-April 2017

The third quarter has begun.   Many students are meeting the challenges of middle school.  Parents can view Aspen to see grades and consult the Seven Wonders Google Classroom to monitor homework assignments. Parents may also need to replenish school supplies for the third and fourth quarters. Pens, pencils, colored pencils, new notebooks may all be needed.  Winter vacation is February 20-24.  TNT, Park View’s talent show will be held on Friday March 17.  

Romans overthrew the Etruscan king in 509 BC.  With Greek and Etruscan influence, Roman culture developed and the Roman Republic was born.  Within a few hundred years the Roman Empire controlled most of Europe as well as parts of Asia and Africa. The influence of the ancient Roman’s still surrounds us. Beliefs about law and justice in our legal system come from Roman ideas.  Latin, the basis of our language, is the basis of many words in English.  Roman architecture is part of many buildings in the United States.  One of the world’s major religions, Christianity, began in the Roman Empire.  Students will also learn about other major world religions:  Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.  Religions have shaped historical events for centuries.  

In English, we completed a compare/contrast essay based on a poem and short story.  Students are working on writing effective essays. Our next book report is due February 10th.  Students need to follow the format and take the AR quiz.  In February we are working on analyzing argument - strengths, weaknesses, and counter- argument.  We will be writing our own arguments in March.  We will also be doing a poetry unit analyzing literary terms and theme.

Science classes are finishing up their study on cells and are moving to the study of the human body.  Studies will focus on the interactions of organ systems and sensory receptors.  Students will do investigations that apply their knowledge of systems to show how one system affects another.  Sensory receptor study will concentrate on classification of receptors and application of sensory data.  Heredity and genetics follow the human body and will begin the first or second week of March.

Math students have spent a good deal of time solving equations with the four operations.  We’ve solved one-step, two-step, multi-step and equations with variables on both sides.  Next we will explore inequalities.  Following inequalities we will begin a unit on ratios and proportional reasoning.  Please check your child’s planner daily or Google Classroom to be sure he/she is doing homework.  While many students do their homework, many are not keeping up with their work.  Please check with your student to see if they need new supplies.  Many notebooks have run out of pages at this point and many students are coming to class without a pencil.