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All-Star Team

Happy Quarter 3!

The All-Stars have two remaining field trips planned for the year and both will take place during quarter 3. We will be going to PPAC on February 2nd and Dave and Busters on 3/2. All permission slips have been handed in. If your child owes any remaining money please hand this in before 3/2. Any questions, please email Mrs. Horta at Thank you!

Many students are coming to class unprepared. Every student needs something to write with, their planner, a reading book and supplies for each class every day. Many binders and folders are falling apart. We recommend replacing materials as we still have six months left of school. Thank you!

Social Studies: Quarter three in social studies will focus on the years 1865-1945. We will begin by learning about the industrial age and the development of urban society. There will be a strong focus on the growth of railroads, big business and immigration. Towards the middle of the quarter we will be learning about both World Wars. The quarter 3 required essay topic is “How did the transcontinental railroad change America?”

Science Quarter three in science continues our study of forces and motion.  Students will understand ideas related to why some objects will keep moving and why objects fall to the ground. Students will be able to apply Newton’s third law of motion to related forces to explain the motion of objects. Following forces and motion the next unit will focus on ideas related to why some objects will keep moving, why objects fall to the ground, and why some materials are attracted to each other while others are not. Students apply ideas about gravitational, electrical, and magnetic forces to explain a variety of phenomena including beginning ideas about why some materials attract each other while others repel. Students will continue to practice their graphing skills, making sure to include all the proper characteristics of an appropriate graph.

Math: In the third quarter we will be learning about integers.  We will start by developing number lines and using those number lines to locate positive and negative numbers.  Students will understand that a number and its opposite will be on opposite sides of zero.  That knowledge will be used to find absolute value and order integers according to their value.   We will discuss real life situations where integers are used.  By the end of the quarter, students will extend their one-dimensional knowledge of the number line to the two-dimensional coordinate plane.

ELA: This quarter in All Star ELA, we will be finishing up Soldier’s Heart, which is worth 2 AR points, which will boost AR points this quarter.  We will be working on comparing and contrasting using an article that focuses on different members of the Civil Rights movement.  We also will be working on a project with our outside reading book, where students will choose from different methods to present their chosen book, such as performing a rap they’ve created, or creating a poster board.