Greetings from the Health/Physical Education Department

Department Members:  
Mr. Bouchard, Mr. Macera, Mrs. Salvatore,
Mr. Kavanagh,  & Ms. Letendre

Here at Park View, our department strives to help each and every student reach their potential physically, mentally, and socially. All students are encouraged to be open minded to new experiences and put their best effort forward at all times. We look forward to seeing your child develop and improve their skills while here.

Health Rules and Regulations

Students should always have a Health notebook, folder, pen/pencil, and their planner for every Health class. They will need to keep track of their grades on Aspen weekly, and check in with their teacher when they are absent to see what they missed before their next class. Taking these measures will help insure a passing grade.

Physical Education Rules and Regulations

It’s mandatory for every student to wear a Park View uniform to every class. This can be purchased for $13. If one piece of the uniform goes missing, it can be purchased for $7.

In cooler weather, students are allowed to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants over their uniforms as long as those items were not worn to school that day. Students are not allowed to wear their PE uniforms during the school day. Failure to have their uniform for a class will result as a “0” for their daily grade as well as teacher detention. Repeated offenders will be assigned office detention and be in danger of failing the quarter.

It is also mandatory that students bring in a lock from home to store their PE items in the locker rooms. Doing so will decrease their chances of their items getting stolen.

Phones and other technological devices are NOT  allowed in the locker rooms at any time. If one is seen by a teacher, it will immediately be taken for the day and turned in to the administration.

Class excuses: A parental/guardian excuse will be accepted once per quarter for up to two classes. If more time is needed for your child to be excused from class, you will need to provide a doctor’s note stating duration of excused PE classes. A doctor’s note will also be needed to state that your child is cleared to return to class.

Department members are always available for questions and concerns. Contact us anytime.

Hope you all have a wonderful school year!