Olympians Third Quarter Update

Social Studies:  

The Great Depression & The Great War  We begin the third quarter with The Industrial Age 1865 -1914.  During this period we’ll study the amazing role of the Railroads aiding in Economic Growth.  It was a time for technology, big business, oil and steel, and Labor Unions.  The Urban Society 1865-1914 brings a flood of immigrants, the rise of cities and expanding education to include arts and literature.  The Progressive Era 1877-1920 is a time for real change, so the movement begins.  New reformers, taking on corruption, and social change for women.  Rise to World Power 1865-1915 and The War in Europe (WWI) 1914-1919.  You may notice that your children will have more homework this quarter due to the very large number of content and academic vocabulary words we will be learning.  I always suggest the use of index cards as a great studying tool for vocabulary.


Can you believe it is already third quarter.  In science we have begun a unit on force and motion. The students have read about Sir Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion, but now we are putting these laws of motion into action.  We will continue to explore the laws of motion in various real life activities. We continue on to explore gravitational, electrical, and magnetic forces and how they interact with each other.  Students will apply the concepts of cause and effect to plan, design and carry out investigations.


In the third quarter, students will continue to read independently books they choose themselves during frequent class visits to the school library. Students should be reading these books as a major part of their ELA homework; they are expected to earn a set number of Accelerated Reader (AR) points at three different deadlines throughout the quarter--February 14, March 14, and April 4. We will also be reading (and discussing and writing about) a novel together in class. In addition, there will be shorter readings completed in class, including lessons on the elements of literature, particularly short stories (plot, character, setting, etc.) and poetry. Vocabulary and grammar skills will continue to be introduced and reviewed. Major in-class writing projects will assess students’ skills in writing compare/contrast essays.


In the third quarter students will continue to study the Number System with module 3. We have been learning about integers and rational numbers and their placement on a number line. Students will explore the concepts of absolute value and ordering of rational numbers.  As the quarter ends, we will begin module 4 and our study of expressions and equations.

As always, please log on to Aspen to check your child’s progress in all areas of study.