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Patriots Supply List

Mr. Venagro, Mrs. Torres, Mrs. Marro, Mrs. Lefebvre and Mrs. Fitzgerald

English- 2 Composition notebooks, 1 homework folder, pens, pencils, sticky notes

Social Studies- One-subject notebook,  Composition notebook- (for current events), Blue/black pens, Red pen (for correcting/editing), Highlighter, No. 2 pencils & eraser, A small pencil sharpener for colored pencils,  A zippered pen/pencil case, Colored pencils, Pocket folders (1), Glue sticks, Scissors, Index cards (used throughout the year)

Math-  Pencils and a 1-subject notebook.  Calculators will be provided in class but all students should have a scientific calculator by the end of the first quarter.  

Science- 2 Composition notebooks, 1 Two pocket folder, 6 Glue sticks, 2 Red pens, Scissors, Calculator, pens/pencils

Art  Mrs. Hawkins: Composition Notebook, Pencils, erasers and glue sticks