Phoenix Team News

Phoenix Team Fourth Quarter Newsletter  2017


In Sixth grade we will be working on Module Four which will cover the topic of Expressions and Equations.  Students will work on their skills with writing and evaluating expressions, exponents and the order of operations, as well as using letter for numbers.  They will work on one and two step problems and advance to work with inequalities.  As fourth quarter begins we have been working on area of triangles and  polygons in the coordinate plane as well as area of irregular figures.  We will also work on making histograms, dot plots, and box and whisker plots in preparation for the PARCC testing.  

In Seventh grade we will finish up the year focusing on three chapters:  Chapter 7 Collecting, Displaying and Analyzing Data, Chapter 10 Probability, and Chapter 8 Geometric Figures.  As fourth quarter begins we have worked on finding the circumference and area of circles through a hands on “round day” and we will explore the volume of prisms and cylinders in preparation for the PARCC testing.


All students are continuing to read at least twenty minutes each night. Hundreds of books have been read this year and many students are well on their way to achieving the forty book goal.

The seventh grade classes are reading the novel Freak the Mighty this quarter. We will also be completing a research paper as a joint assignment with social studies.

The sixth grade classes are finishing novels started in the third quarter. One class is reading The Takeback of Lincoln Junior High and the other class is reading Maniac Magee. We will be reading graphic novels for small group literature circles in one class.  Both classes will study argument writing and complete the district common task.

General information

The Phoenix Team will be having a Team Reward Ceremony in June.   A date will be announced in May.  Students who will be receiving awards for Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and various other awards such as Student of the Month will be given an Invitation to Phoenix Reward Day.  Please look for the Invitation in Mid May.

Please check with your student to make sure they have pencils, pens, and other school materials.  We realize that we are coming to the end of the school year  but students still need their supplies and folders to complete their work and stay organized.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mrs. Spaziano at

Social Studies

In Grade 6 social studies we are right on task with our curriculum timeline!  The students completed an extended research project combining a formal research paper, MLA format as well as a Google Slide presentation to the class.  On to the roaring twenties and to the present time!  The next learning activity is a group decades project using an online platform to present a total history of the United States during the period of time they are researching.   The students have definitely embraced the middle school concept and they are well prepared for the seventh grade.  They need to continue taking personal responsibility for their learning, develop organizational skills and self motivation for continued success!    Please check ASPEN for student progress, if there are any questions email at:

In Grade 7 social studies we have just finished the “Fall of Rome” and the beginning of The Middle Ages or Medieval Times. We will explore and discuss all aspects of the effects of the fall of the Roman Empire on the Western Empire. Among these are ; the decline of law and order, the dangerous, violent culture that erupted, the health issues that arose out of the filth and unsanitary living conditions,, military tactics and weapons and the need for the structure of feudalism. We will view a BBC documentary of the Filthy Cities which reenacts just how filthy the cities were at that time. Then we will read three articles of the Black Plague and we will do an integrated writing assignment with Mrs. Short on the causes and the spreading of the plague throughout Europe. This research paper will be completed in MLA format. Finally, we will celebrate the Renaissance or “renewal” of the nations of Europe.


Sixth grade classes will continue learning about magnetic and electrical fields. Having studied static electricity students are learning of the part electrons play in electricity.  A study of the Earth-Moon-Sun System will follow.  Lastly, students will investigate factors that determine and affect weather and climate.

Seventh grade classes have just begun a unit focusing on inherited traits and genetics,  This will be followed by a study of energy and lastly a look at geology to discover Earth’s history.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mrs. Spaziano at .