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Phoenix Team 3rd Quarter Newsletter

Can you believe we are half-way through the school year?  Your students are on their way to 7th and 8th grades!  We wanted to let you know about  few things that we will be working on during the third quarter.


In 6th grade we will be working on Rational Numbers, then Expressions and Equations, and will begin Geometry as we approach the Fourth Quarter.  All students have taken the STAR math assessment for January.  All students know their STAR scores.  If you are curious please feel free to email me and I will print out your student’s score and paperwork.   All students are required to do 60 minutes of IXL practice each week.  This counts as 2 homework assignments.  I rarely if ever give homework to sixth grade so this IS the homework.  We do all our math work in school so I can clarify any misunderstandings and to make sure students have all their questions answered.  Please make sure your student is completing the IXL each week. Failure to do so will have a negative impact on the quarterly grade.

In 7th grade we will be working on Graphs and Proportional Relationships including the Slope formula and we will finish up with Percents and how they apply to our world.  Students will be constructing and analyzing graphs as well as working with the Slope formula to draw conclusions about coordinate points.  A few hands on lessons with percent will help cement their learning on this unit.  7th grade must also do 60 minutes of IXL each week.  This counts for 2 homework assignments.  At the 7th grade level students are expected to do more homework and generally I give at least one more take home assignment a week perhaps two.  Please make sure your student is completing the IXL each week. Failure to do so will have a negative impact on the quarterly grade.


In 6th grade we will be finishing up our examination of ecosystems and how they change with changing factors. Our next unit looks at forces and motion. We will calculate and graph speed as well as begin to look at Newton’s Laws of Motion.  Most of our work is done in class, so when a student is absent they miss important learning and practice.

Graphing requires pencils and erasers.  Many students are coming to class without these.  They are reminded to bring them in class but help from home would make a difference.

In 7th grade we are moving on to a study of the cell, the smallest unit of life and the home of DNA. We will learn of the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells and the jobs of the organelles inside of each cell.  This will form the base for the the next unit focused on systems of the human body.

Students will be making detailed drawings of cells as a study aid.  These must be drawn in pecil.  Many students seem to need pencils and more paper for binders.  Help from home is appreciated.


In 6th grade, we will be reading Gary Paulsen’s Soldier’s Heart, a story about a 15 year old boy who volunteers to fight in the Civil War and is forced to deal with the damaging effects of battle when he returns home. We will continue to practice close reading techniques and identifying Signposts, as well as constructing critical responses using evidence from the text.

In 7th grade, we will be reading Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, a story about an 11 year old boy who discovers he is a demigod and must return something valuable to Zeus in order to save the world from destruction. We will continue to practice close reading techniques and identifying Signposts, as well as constructing critical responses using evidence from the text.

Students in both grades are responsible for the completion of at least three books, with passing AR scores, by the end of the quarter. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that each student remember to read for twenty minutes every night.

Social Studies Grade 7

We continue to study the ancient civilization of Greece and its impact on the future civilizations of the world including our own. We will continue to work on connecting the skills of “cause and effect” and “ compare and contrast” with over city-states and civilizations of the time as well as our own civilization. We also will make many global connections and discuss how history repeats itself. We will move on to study the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and its eventual effect on the entire Western European world. Much of which has influenced us today.

Social Studies Grade 6

We will be studying about Immigration in the United States.  We will also be looking at how immigration took place in the early years of the USA and compare it to today.  We will study WWI and WWII including the various events leading up to the wars and how the United States became involved in both wars and how our home life here was impacted especially on families of our service members as well as our economy and our government.  


Many students are coming to class without pencils or pens.  It is half way through the year.  Students have exhausted their supply from September.  We hope you overstocked from the summer sales.  If not perhaps now would be a good time to search out some sales and stock up for your student.  Also check in to see if they need notebooks, paper, etc.  We could also use a box of tissues from each student.  As you know cough and cold season is upon us.  All of the teachers on this team want your child to come to school and realize that having the sniffles won’t keep them home.  Rest assured we have tissues and hand wash on our desks in every classroom but we could use your help in keeping the supply full so we can provide for all.  We buy the handwash and some of the tissues but the boxes we requested in September have been used.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mrs. Spaziano at .