Phoenix Team News

Welcome to Park View Middle School!  Welcome to the Phoenix Team!

We will be writing four newsletters this year arranged by quarters to inform you of information about the curriculum and other activities taking place in the school.

In Math, we will be studying Ratios and Unit Rates in the Eureka Math Series. The topics include representing and reasoning with ratios, collections of equivalent ratios, unit rates, and percent.   The only homework your student will be receiving will be IXL assigned on a weekly basis.  They will do 60 minutes of IXL per week and this will count for two homework grades.  

All classes have received information for signing up for REMIND.  Each class has a particular code to join remind.

To join:  you have to write a text message on your phone

TO:  810-10 (in the telephone number)

(in the message area)

Message:  join cf8he       join 6k69cc join 6c2afe join r8933k

                 (period 4)    (period 5)      (period 6)        (period 7) DO NOT TYPE THIS

The periods are marked under the codes for each classroom for id purposes

Then press SEND.  You should receive a message saying you have joined SPAZIANO MATH

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at


For the second year,  I have challenged all Phoenix students to read forty books by June. We saw great success with this challenge last year and hope to see the same impressive results. All students are responsible for reading three books a quarter, but I urge them to push past that goal to see how close they can come to the goal of forty. Each class will start with ten minutes of silent reading, there will be a full period to read every Tuesday and the homework is to read for at least twenty minutes a night. A more detailed explanation of the 40 Book Challenge is in the English notebook.

The curriculum for quarter one has us studying narrative writing with an end product of

writing a short story.  We will read lots of short stories to study narrative techniques and practice using them in small writing assignments. Students will also learn the Notice and Note technique for close reading.

Social Studies

The current social studies curriculum is based upon modern United States History.  A major component of the  curriculum in addition to the content  are the necessary skills all students need as a demonstration for  proficiency  in high school.  We are beginning with a comparison of the North and South Pre-Civil War then quickly moving into the War and Reconstruction.  All students will have access to the textbook online using many different devices this should definitely help the students when materials are required outside of the school day.  Throughout the year the students will be working with a variety of technology in order to complete varied assignments.  In addition all students will be presenting information to the class, this is an important  skill we will be working with. Looking forward to a great year!  Please email with any concerns.


Our first science unit explores growth and development of organisms.  Growing plants in the classroom will be the focus for this study.  Growth is measured regularly and noted in a journal.  Then learning about characteristics and behaviors that lead to successful reproduction will be our focus.  This will be followed by examination of populations of organisms in an ecosystem: the factors that affect populations, how organisms are often interdependent and whether or not it is a helpful or harmful relationship.  

A key factor to your child’s success is their being in class every day.  Some concepts are new to them and can be difficult.  All are addressed in class to break concepts down, make connections,  and give clarity that will allow students to build on what they are learning.