The Game Changers

The Super Sevens

Mrs. Capirchio, Mr. Shippee, Ms. Cusumano, Ms. Hantzopoulos, Mrs. Generali

Required Materials:

You are expected to bring at least two writing utensils to every class!

English/Language Arts     1” Three-Ring BLUE Binder, Filler Paper for Binder,  Pens and pencils, Three-holed pencil pouch, Jumbo book cover

Math    1 ½”  Three-Ring RED Binder,  Pencils,  Three-holed pencil pouch, If you’d like your own calculator, get the TI30XIIS

Science    1” Three-Ring GREEN Binder, GREEN spiral notebook,  Highlighters , Multi-colored post-it notes, Clear tape, Pencils and pens, Colored pencils (no markers), Three-holed pencil pouch, Glue Sticks, Ruler

Social Studies 1” Three-Ring BLACK Binder, Filler Paper for Binder, Three-holed pencil pouch, Highlighters, Colored Pencils, Jumbo book cover