The Super Sevens

As difficult as it is to believe, we are halfway through the 3rd quarter!  Mid-quarter progress report comments will be posted on ASPEN on Friday, March 10th. Please remember to check your child’s planner weekly.  If your child is not utilizing his/her planner, there is a greater likelihood that the homework is not being completed.  Homework completion has such a significant effect on your child’s academic success.

After wrapping up our unit on Ancient Greece, we are heading over to study Ancient Rome.  We will roam around the Republic and the Empire of Rome for the rest of 3rd quarter and partially into 4th quarter.  The students have been working diligently on their assignments and have been enjoying our time in the Ancient World.

In math, we will be solving inequalities and graphing them on a number line. Solving inequalities resembles solving equations so the material is new but not exceptionally new. Next, we will be learning the Cartesian Coordinate Plane and how to graph points on the plane. The students will be learning to interpret graphs. We will then finish the third quarter with percents.

After recently finishing our first class novel, our ELA classes are already engrossed in two classroom novels.  One of the novels we have been reading together is titled Well, That Was Awkward.  Thanks to our amazing librarian, Mrs. Mills, Rachel Vail, the popular YA author of the novel, will be visiting Park View on March 7th to speak to our students about her experience as a writer.  As we continue exploring various types of literature together, students should still be independently reading in their Accelerated Reader books nightly.  

Students are sharpening their scientific skills as we arrive at mid-third quarter.   Our studies have focused on the human body.  This topic typically draws in the majority of students, because they are so aware of their own bodies.  Be prepared for some interesting conversations at home.   The curriculum and workload are also becoming more rigorous, preparing the students for 8th grade.  Students are learning how to interpret lab data by forming a claim based on the data.  They must support their claim with the appropriate results; followed by their scientific reasoning about the evidence and its connection to the claim.  This is a skill used throughout their academic courses. Our next unit of study during 3rd quarter will be Inheritance and Genetic Variation.  For the final quarter, we will be studying Energy Flow in Organisms and Earth’s Systems.