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Creating Interactive Presentations with POWER POINT

Learn how to create a more dynamic and interactive presentations using Microsoft Power Point. This can be used to create anything from timelines to interactive games to student portfolios. (Uses MS Office 2007)

Runtime: Approx. 14 minutes ppt Click the logo to view the tutorial


Google Forms

Learn how to collect data the easy way. Create forms that can be posted online, emailed, or embeded in a web page. Create your own online tests and quizzes and grade them at the push of a button... Well maybe more than one button but not much more!

Runtime approximately 21 minutes Google Forms Click the logo to view the tutorlal

Simple Excel Graphing
Audio Editing with AUDACITY

This versatile, FREE audio editor is easy to use.  You can record narration, add music in the background, add effects and much more! Did I mention that it's FREE?!!!

Runtime: Approx. 21 minutes Audacity Click the logo to view the tutorial


Dynamic Slideshows with PHOTOSTORY 3

Learn how to create dynamic slide shows that include narration with this very detailed tutorial that describes how to use Mircosoft's PHOTOSTORY 3.

Runtime: Approx. 30 minutes photostory Click logo to view tutorial


Graphing and Formulas in EXCEL

This is to show how to use Excel.  The topics of graphing data and using formulas to manipulate data are discussed.  This tutorial uses an activity from the Motion Forces and Energy science book called "Forced to Accelerate".

Runtime: Approx. 21 minutes excel Click logo to view tutorial


Converting Media Files with FORMAT FACTORY

Having trouble importing media files into programs like Power Point, Photostory, Movie Maker, etc.?  Put down the baseball bat and checkout this quick tip! Try this great free converter!

Runtime: Approx. 6 minutes Format Factory Click logo to view tutorial


Packaging Your Power Point Presentations

Learn how to save Power Point files so that you never have to say "...but it worked on my computer!" again.  Also learn how to compress the files for easy upload to RIEPS.

Runtime: Approx. 5 minutes ppt Click logo to view tutorial


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Aspen Tutorials

Entering SLO Grades into Aspen For Reporting

ASPEN Gradebook Basics

This tutorial covers the gradebook basics to get you going. Topics like class details, choosing average modes, creating categories, adding assignments, and inputting scores are covered.

Runtime: Approx. 34 minutes Aspen Click logo to view tutorial

ASPEN Student and Parent Portal
This will get you started with the Student Portal in Aspen. It covers logging in, checking grades, conduct and more.

This tutorial is an intorduction to the student portal of Aspen. It covers topics ranging from logging in to navigating the site to cheking grades and attendance and more. All of the topics covered in this tutorial carry over to the Parent Portal.

Runtime: Approx. 17 minutes aspen Click logo to view tutoria\l

Posting Quarter Grades in ASPEN

SUPER quick tutorial on posting quarter (and final) grades in ASPEN.

Runtime: Less than 3 minutes Aspen Click logo to view tutorial

Posting Progress Report Comments in ASPEN

A REALLY quick tutorial showing how to post comments for progress reports in ASPEN.

Runtime: 4 minutes on the nose Aspen Click logo to view tutorial

Printing Progress Report Comments for your records in ASPEN

The shortest tutotial you'll ever have to endure! This will show you how to print comments for your personal records. (catchy title eh?)

Runtime: Less than 2 minutes Aspen Click logo to view tutorial

Attendance in ASPEN

This tutorials shows the basics of Aspen, the new Student Information System. It covers taking daily attendance, class attendance and creating seating charts.

Runtime: Approx. 7 minutes Aspen Click logo to view tutorial

Aspen Password and Preferences

This tutorial will show you what to do if you cannot remember your password as well as how to change your password.

Runtime: Approx. 5 minutes Aspen Click logo to view tutorial


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