Cranston Public Schools


Cheryl Coogan                      Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services

                                                                                     270-8137                ccoogan@cpsed.net


Michele Simpson                 Director of Early Childhood

                 Liaison to Speech and Language

                                                                                     270-8057                msimpson@cpsed.net


Arlene Garrison                      Special Ed. Administrator– Elementary  Schools

                 Liaison to Occupational Therapists 

                                                                                     270-8434                agarrison@cpsed.net

Suzanne Rathbun                 Special Ed. Administrator-Middle School, Out of District Schools                                                                 and Non-Public Schools, Horton Program Director

                 Liaison to Social Workers and Adaptive Physical Ed.Technology

                                                                                     270-8424                srathbun@cpsed.net

Carolyn Lepore                       Special Ed. Administrator for Cranston Transition, Sanders Program,                                                          Out of District schools, Charter School, High Schools

                 Liaison to  Psychologists

                                                                                     270-8424                clepore@cpsed.net


David Schiappa                      Cranston High School West  Asst. Principal for Special Ed.

                                                                                     270-8048                dschiappa@cpsed.net

David Aulenbach                    Cranston High School East  Asst. Principal for Special Ed.

                                                                                     270-8508                daulenbach@cpsed.net